Fundación En Vía

The Instituto Cultural Oaxaca is proud to sponsor Fundación En Vía (link), a non-profit microfinance organization working to fight poverty around Oaxaca and to educate travelers from around the world about the power of microfinance.

fundacion en via

We provide interest-free micro-loans to help women start or expand their small businesses, and are working to build on that with a broad range of other programs – from education to financial literacy to environmental support.

To travelers, we provide tours to villages around Oaxaca, where participants get to see first-hand how microfinance works, experience a very special glimpse into life in Oaxaca, and put their money to work in a way that has a real impact on the community.

Participants meet women who are applying for our loans, and learn about the women's lives and businesses - which could be anything from weaving beautiful rugs to raising chickens, making tortillas, or selling flowers in the local market.

At the end of the day, we use 100% of our tour fees to provide interest-free micro-loans to our borrowers, and once the loan is paid back, to support the rest of our work in the community.

See a different side of Oaxaca
On the En Vía tour, you will get to experience a different and much more personal view of life in Oaxaca than you can get almost anywhere else. You will learn about some of the challenges of life here as well as, and more importantly, some of the many solutions.

Give back
Most people living in poverty around the world do not have access to traditional financial services like credit, and so can not fully capitalize on many of the resources that they do have: ideas, skills and determination. By participating with Fundación En Vía, you will be giving 100% of your tour fee or donation as an interest-free microloan to women who can then use it to expand their businesses and improve their lives. Once the loan is paid back, we will use it to support the rest of our growing development projects, maximizing your donation's impact on the community as whole.

Learn about microfinance and see it in action
Microfinance is a tool that has been used very effectively around the world to help people without access to traditional financial services to lift themselves out of poverty. With En Vía tours, you will get to see first-hand how microfinance works, as well as its potential, some of its many benefits, and some of the challenges.

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