Main Language Program

If you want to fully engage with Mexico´s language and culture, then this is the program for you.

spanish language programsEnrolling in this Spanish language program provides you with up to 7 daily contact hours of total immersion. This gives you the opportunity to take formal language classes appropriate to your level and then apply what you have learned in a group conversation class. Comprehension and speaking abilities are further developed by attending cultural workshops participating in intercambios (language exchanges) with a member of the local Oaxacan community.

The schedule for the Main Program is as follows:
* Spanish classes (3 hours)
* Conversation class (1 hour)
* Cultural workshops (2 hours, Monday-Thursday)
* Intercambio / Language Exchange
(1 hour, Monday-Thursday, Fridays are optional to be arranged with your intercambio)

(Please note that cultural workshops and intercambios take place Monday through Thursday)