Spanish Teachers

This course is designed for non-native speaking Spanish teachers who teach Spanish as a foreign language (those who teach in non-Spanish speaking countries).

spanish teachersThe course objectives are to:
-Raise the communicative ability of the teacher
-Strengthen the teacher’s spoken and listening linguistic abilities
-Reflect on general educational models for teaching second languages
-Design materials and activities for teaching Spanish
-Give the teacher a broader understanding of Latin American culture

In order to participate in this course, the student must have at least an intermediate level knowledge of Spanish.

The course format is as follows:

Spanish Grammar
-Brief historical review of the Spanish language
-Discussion of formal aspects of the language

Written Expression
-Style of formal and informal documents

Oral Expression
-Correct use of Spanish language sounds
-Conversation, discussion, debate and presentation

Reading Comprehension
-Analysis of non-literary texts

Auditory Comprehension
-Recognition of Spanish language sounds
-Recognition of Spanish language in different contexts

-Brief historical review of Latin American literature
-Analysis of literary texts

-Characteristics of Mexican Culture from folk art to formal expression
Materials Workshop
-Design and creation of materials for teaching Spanish

The daily schedule for the Spanish Teachers' Program is as follows:
Spanish classes (3 hours)
Conversation class (1 hour)
Workshop focusing on Spanish for teachers (2 hours, Monday-Thursday)