Our Spanish language classes are taught exclusively in Spanish by native speakers with university qualifications and extensive teaching experience.

spanish language immersionOur methodology is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and our classes are developed within the Communicative Model, which focuses on the need to understand and use the fundamentals of the language on a daily basis. The Spanish language programs are undertaken in a vibrant and friendly atmosphere with the goal of broadening your skills and confidence through total immersion.

We place special emphasis on:
* Linguistic and cultural content
* Spoken communication
* Listening
* Reading
* Writing skills

To maximize your experience, our instructors incorporate a wide variety of teaching techniques:
* Films
* Audio-visual aids
* Role playing
* Music
* Games

Level A1
The students that complete this level are capable of:
* Understanding and using familiar everyday expressions and basic phrases aimed at satisfying immediate needs.
* Introducing themselves and others, asking questions about and providing basic personal information relating to: their home, their belongings and the people they know.
* Interacting in a simple way provided that the speaker talks slowly and clearly, and is willing to cooperate.
* Using the Present and Future tenses. In addition, the student will receive an introduction to the Past and Imperfect tenses in the Indicative mood.

Level A2
The students that complete this level are capable of:
* Understanding frequently used phrases and expressions relating to areas of personal experience such as: basic information about themselves and their family, shopping, places of interest and occupations.
* Communicating effectively when performing familiar and routine tasks that require no more than a simple, direct exchange of information.
* Describing in simple terms aspects of their present, their past, and their environment, as well as asking and responding to questions related to their immediate needs.
* Comprehending simple instructions or information in short texts taken from brochures, forms and advertisements.
* Understanding the main ideas and changes in theme from material published by the media (press, television etc.), provided that the identification of key words or phrases is not hindered by any serious distortion in the quality of the printed or audio material.
* Utilizing the Present, Present Perfect, Imperfect and Future tenses in the Indicative mood, as well as the Conditional tense and the Imperative mood.

Level B1
The students that complete this level are capable of:
* Understanding the key points presented in texts that are written in clear, standard language about familiar issues encountered in work, study or leisure situations.
* Managing in the majority of situations that may arise while traveling through areas where the language is spoken.
* Producing simple, coherent texts about familiar subjects that are of personal interest.
* Describing experiences, events, dreams and aspirations, as well as briefly justifying opinions or explaining plans.
* Utilizing in common sentences, in addition to simple forms in the Indicative mood, compound tenses formed with the auxiliary verb HABER (to have), as well as the Conditional and Present tenses in the Subjunctive mood.

Level B2
The following students that complete this level are capable of:
* Understanding the main ideas outlined in complex texts covering specific or abstract themes, including texts of a technical nature provided that they are within the students’ area of specialization.
* Interacting with native speakers with a sufficient level of natural fluency to allow the communication to flow effortlessly between all parties.
* Producing clear, detailed texts on diverse subjects; defending a point of view on topical issues; and explaining the pros and cons of different options or arguments.
* Seamlessly utilizing the different verb conjugations in the Indicative mood, as well as using the Subjunctive mood but with some difficulty.

Level C1
The students that complete this level are capable of:
* Understanding and recognizing implicit meanings within a wide variety of demanding texts.
* Expressing themselves fluently and spontaneously, without any obvious sign of searching for the appropriate expression to use.
* Using language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes.
* Producing clear, well-structured and detailed texts on complex subjects; and demonstrating the appropriate use of organization, articulation and cohesion mechanisms in compositions.
* Relying on an extensive and accurate vocabulary that allows them to express subtle shades of meaning, thus eliminating ambiguities and confusion.
* Recognizing a wide range of idiomatic and colloquial expressions in conversations, texts and movies.
* Mastering the majority of conjugations of the different verb tenses and moods of the Spanish language.

Level C2
The students that complete this level are capable of:
* Understanding with ease virtually everything they hear or read.
* Reconstructing information and arguments derived from various sources, whether from the spoken or written word, and summarizing them in a coherent manner.
* Fluent self-expression, in a controlled or spontaneous way, with a high degree of accuracy that enables them to differentiate finer shades of meaning even in complex situations.
* Delivering and receiving messages with different types of communicative functions: informative, expressive, poetic, conative and metalinguistic.
* Mastering with fluency all of the conjugations of the Spanish verb moods.