Oaxaca COVID-19 PCR Tests

Oaxaca COVID-19 PCR Test


Certified Laboratories to conduct the PCR test. Both labs accept reservations and return the results within 24 hours.

We recommend that you schedule your tests once your are in Oaxaca, please bear in mind that both labs give you the tests results in 48 hours and they do not work on Sunday

Laboratorios Juárez

Service hours for sampling of these tests (Nasal Swab) is Monday to Saturday from 7:00 to 14:00hrs only in the Annex of our headquarters located in Sauces 512 Col. Reforma, (Entre Amapolas y Jazmines) Oaxaca, Oax

Website: https://www.laboratoriojuarez.com/citas/nueva

  • Delivery time 2 working days (Monday to Saturday)

  • Cost: RT-PCR SARS-CoV 2 $1,500.00 MXN

Address: Sauces #512 Colonia Reforma, C.P. 68050, Oaxaca de Juárez, Oax. Phone number: +52 951 514 0635

Laboratorios Galindo

Phone numbers: + 52 951 516 1303, +52 951 501 0788 https://www.laboratoriosgalindo.com/

  • Delivery time 2 working days (Monday to Saturday)

  • Cost: PCR Test COVID-19 $ 2,300.00 MX

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