Cultural Workshops

The Key to Learning Spanish through Oaxacan Culture

Instituto Cultural Oaxaca

Cultural Workshops

Are you looking for a unique and immersive way to learn Spanish? Our cultural workshops in Oaxaca offer a one-of-a-kind experience that combines language learning with an exploration of the rich culture of Oaxaca and Mexico.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, our workshops are tailored to your needs and interests, so you can learn Spanish in the way that works best for you.

Learn Spanish through hands-on cultural activities

In addition to our Main Spanish Language Program, Instituto Cultural Oaxaca offers a unique approach that goes beyond traditional language classes. Through hands-on activities such as cooking classes, dance lessons, and visits to local markets and museums, students will be immersed in an engaging and enjoyable learning environment while also discovering the culture of Oaxaca.

Held Monday to Thursday, each 2-hour daily Cultural Workshop offers a total of 8 hours of language and cultural education each week. Students can practice Spanish with their peers in a relaxed, supportive setting, enhancing their language skills and building friendships.

By participating in our Cultural Workshops, students learn Spanish, gain cultural insights, and create lasting memories that enrich their understanding of Oaxaca, and Mexico.

Join us at ICO for an unforgettable linguistic and cultural journey!

8 Fabulous Workshops to enhance your Spanish.

Oaxaca Through Photography

Through the use of photography, this workshop aims to capture the vibrant essence of Oaxaca and encourage students to express their emotions and experiences. 

Whether they are photography enthusiasts or not, students will be guided and motivated by the teacher to capture the essence of their daily life in Oaxaca, including interactions with locals, spaces, and places. 

Using their mobile phones, students will be able to capture the people, environments, and activities that make Oaxaca unique.  At the end of the workshop, there will be an exhibition of the photographs, providing students with the opportunity to share their experiences and practice their Spanish with their classmates.

Cultural Workshops: Oaxaca through Photography

Los Barrios de Oaxaca

Oaxaca is a city rich in history and culture, with neighborhoods that have been established since colonial times.

In this workshop, students will have the opportunity to learn about the magic and culture of each neighborhood. The teacher will share the most relevant facts about these neighborhoods and encourage conversation and interaction among participants to practice their Spanish and acquire new vocabulary related to the topic.

This workshop includes a tour of two of the most emblematic neighborhoods: “El barrio de Jalatlaco” and “El barrio de Xochimilco.” This will provide participants with more elements to apply in their interactions with the rest of the group and their teacher.

Cultural Workshop: Barrios de Oaxaca



Learn Spanish in Oaxaca - Instituto Cultural Oaxaca


This workshop has been carefully designed for practicing Spanish in a practical setting. In this workshop, students will learn a useful vocabulary in the kitchen, learn about Oaxacan food, and understand the impact of Oaxacan food in its culture and language.

On the first day of this workshop, the teacher, a local woman who learned cooking from her mother and grandmother before her, will take you to the markets to see all of the different fruits, vegetables, and traditional herbs that are used in the preparation of the regional dishes of Oaxaca. During the subsequent classes, you will make a different dish each day – and yes, you eat what you cook!

We also offer Private Cooking Classes.  Please contact us for more information, and so we can arrange the classes for you.

Salsa & Merengue


Our dance instructor will teach you the basic steps for salsa and merengue.

You will have ample opportunities to practice at the nightclubs and salsa clubs in the evenings. Learning salsa is a great way to meet other students and locals – the majority of Oaxacans love music and love to dance!



A local weaver will teach you some of the techniques of traditional backstrap weaving.

Using the same method as the master weavers of Oaxaca, you will make a small piece of your own design and color choice that you can take home with you at the end of the program.


Taught by a local female artisan, this class encourages you to be creative and learn some of the traditional techniques in the creation of vases, pots and other decorative items. Each participant will make one or two items that the teacher will fire and that you may then take with you as a reminder of Oaxaca!



In this workshop, you are taught the traditional styles of painting and design to make your own Alebrije. You get to select your own wood carving and then paint it according to your own design and color preferences.



If you feel like you want to focus more on your Spanish conversational skills we can offer an additional 2 hours of Conversation Class at the Beginner Level.

Moderated by one of our teachers, this workshop enables you to build your Spanish language vocabulary as you learn about other students and Mexico.



This workshop offers a look into the different periods of Mexican cinema; the actors, directors, screenwriters, and films are observed through a cultural and historical perspective.

The history of Mexican cinema goes back to the beginning of the 20th century when several enthusiasts of the new medium documented historical events – most particularly the Mexican Revolution – and produced some films that have only recently been rediscovered.



At this workshop, you will learn about Oaxacan culture, with a special focus on the “Guelaguetza”.  Held in July, It is one of the biggest festivals in Oaxaca.  You will learn about the history of this unique celebration.

EASTER (March 14-25)

Semana Santa (Holy Week) is very important in Mexico.  We offer a two-week workshop held during the 6th week of Lent and continuing through Holy Week, during which you will learn about the culture of Lent in Mexico and Oaxaca.

The Easter Workshop includes “a lecture of the history of Lent and Holy Week in Mexico and Oaxaca”, “creating an altar”, “a cooking workshop” to learn traditional food for this season, and “a visit to 7 churches”.

Day of the Dead (Oct 24 - Nov 4)

“Día de Los Muertos” is a celebration that takes place in Mexico on the 1st and 2nd of November.  In the week leading up to the Day of the Dead, we present a special lecture on the significance of the festival that includes an explanation of the particular traditions relating to the altars, shrines, and comparsas (street parades).

During this season, the Instituto also offers you special workshops.

Mask-Making Workshop: You can make your own traditional “Day of the Dead” mask to wear during the Instituto’s “Comparsa”.

Cooking Workshop:   You can learn how to make sweets for this season, such as sugar skulls and other Day of the Dead-themed candies.  

Christmas (Dec 5 - 16 or 19-30)

December is an ideal time to visit Oaxaca, Mexico and observe how the winter holiday season is celebrated.  The Instituto offers special workshops during this time. 

Through a series of lectures, during “Christmas Workshop”, you will learn about the Christmas traditions in Oaxaca and the history of piñatas.

Piñata Making Workshop: Your group will build and design your own piñatas which will later be broken at the Posada.  Apart from designing and creating piñatas, you also have the opportunity to help set up the nativity scene in the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca.

Cooking Workshop: This class differs from the normal cooking class offered at the Instituto because you will learn to make traditional dishes that are specific to the winter holiday.

Also, our students are invited to participate in a traditional posada, a piñata-making workshop and the creation of a nativity scene. The night of the Instituto’s Posada, students, their family, and friends are invited to sing songs, drink punch and break the piñatas created by the students in the workshop.