How much does it cost to Study Spanish in Oaxaca?

Fees & Payment

Choose the package that is right for you to learn at the most comfortable way!

Fees and Payment

These classes cover all levels of Spanish learning, from complete beginner (level A1) to Proficiency (level C2). We offer different packages with which you can combine your general Spanish class with any of our other classes (workshops, personalized packages, etc) during the same period, building a Spanish training course adapted to your needs, availability and objectives.

 A one-time US$55 registration fee is required for both children and adults and should be paid in advance through PayPal.

If you have already paid the registration fee or are a former student, please indicate so in your registration form so you don’t have to pay it again.




Pay in advance your full program plus registration fee and get 3 hours of Online Private Spanish Language Classes free, which you can take before or after coming to ICO.  

Spanish Language Programs

SPANISH PROGRAM 1 WEEK 2 WEEKS 3 WEEKS 4 WEEKS Price per week after the 4th week
Main Spanish Language Program* US$ 195 US$ 375 US$ 540 US$ 710 US$ 135 (each)
Cultural Workshops** US$ 90 US$ 170 US$ 240 US$ 290 US$ 70 (each)
Spanish Program + Cultural Workshop US$ 225 US$ 420 US$ 615 US$ 780 US$ 165 (each)

* Group classes are one week long. Each session starts on Monday and ends on Friday. If you would like to start on another day of the week, you can take private lessons to prepare for group classes the following week.

**Cultural Workshops are held from Monday to Thursday, 2 hours every day. 

+Intercambio program – The Intercambio program is free for all Spanish language students of the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca and for all Mexican students who are looking for practicing a second language. 

To take advantage of the discounted fees, the classes must be continuous and the amount must be paid in full.

If the student makes the payment one week at a time, then they will pay the weekly price of US$195 for the Main Spanish Language program program or US$90 per week for Cultural Workshops only and USD$ 225 if you take both. 

 Books and/or materials are included. You will be provided with a workbook and/or photocopies depending on the amount of time/level you study in. It will not be required of you to buy a book or pay for copies.

 A one-time US$55 registration fee is required for both children and adults and should be paid in advance online with VISA or MC. 


Private Spanish Classes In Oaxaca

Private Spanish Classes One Hour Bundle 10 Hrs.
One Person US$ 23 US$ 209
Two People US$ 31 US$ 279



* Same level of Spanish is required for 2 students sharing a private class

Tuition may be paid in Mexican pesos or US dollars (cash) upon arrival, as well as by credit card. We are unable to accept personal checks or traveler’s checks. Registration fees and tuition are both non-refundable and non-transferable. For that reason, for students wanting more flexibility in their travel plans we recommend paying one week at a time.

Spanish On Demand

Per Person One Hour Bundle 10 Hrs.
- Special Program
- Business Spanish
- Medical Spanish
- Spanish Teachers
US$ 23 US$ 209
Online Spanish One Hour Bundle 10 Hrs.
Former ICO Student US$ 23 US$ 209
Two People US$ 31 US$ 279

Homestay Prices:

Single Room (Breakfast Included) US$ 28
Souble Room (Breakfast Included) US$ 21
Comida (Lunch) US$ 8
Cena (Dinner) US$ 7