5 reasons you should learn Spanish in Mexico

Is Mexico a good place to learn Spanish?

Learn Spanish Mexico - Oaxaca's Cathedral
Oaxaca’s Cathedral

Learning Spanish in Mexico is an amazing experience that can open up different opportunities and help you better understand its language and culture.

From its interesting history to its vibrant people, here are five reasons why taking a course in Mexico can be life-changing.

Why Learn Spanish in Mexico?

  • Mexico is the first Spanish-speaking country in the world, with about 124 million speakers, three times more than Spain. The United States is the second-largest Spanish-speaking country in the world and Mexico’s largest trading partner.
  • Climate: The weather in Mexico is comfortable. If you are looking to learn Spanish in Oaxaca. Oaxaca city enjoys a pleasant climate. Bear in mind that the hottest months are April and May, followed by a rainy season in the summer.
  • Spanish is the most spoken language in Latin America. Spanish is spoken officially in 32 countries worldwide, and a significant population regularly speaks Spanish in Andorra, Belize, Gibraltar, and the United States.
  • When you Learn Spanish in Mexico can be a meaningful experience. There are many organizations in Mexico where Spanish language students can volunteer while studying Spanish. Instituto Cultural Oaxaca’s students who enroll in any Spanish Language Programs during the afternoons can volunteer at Fundación En Vía, making their experience in Oaxaca more complete.
  • Mexico’s vast cultural diversity can give an excuse to visit different places to learn Spanish, some of them like Oaxaca, where you can enjoy immersion in Spanish and the culture and gastronomy.

Plus… If you learn Spanish in Mexico will help you communicate more effectively in Mexico and with Mexican speakers.

A brief history of Spanish in Mexico.

Although it is considered that Mexico was part of the Spanish empire for 300 years, during that time, the Spanish monarchy did not have a purpose, the teaching of the Spanish language. The objective was the Christianization of the indigenous people. During the viceroyalty, Spanish speakers were only peninsular, Creoles, and some mestizos in Mexico.

From the time of Mexico’s independence, Spanish began to spread since the people who remained in power were the Creoles and Mestizos, who started to promote the teaching of Spanish.

Officially it was until the beginning of the 20th century when the Mexican State created the Secretary of Public Education, which began the systematization of the teaching of Spanish in Mexico.

Spoken Languages in Mexico

Today the Spanish Language is the most spoken in Mexico. Spanish is the facto official language, and it is spoken by more than 90% of Mexico´s population. However, about 10 million people keep alive their indigenous languages. Even the Mexican state has a policy to keep all indigenous languages in Mexico alive. Amongst them are Zapotec and Mixtec, mainly spoken in the Oaxaca State.

Other languages spoken in Mexico include Nahuatl, Maya, Mazatec, Chinantec, Zapotec, Mixtec, and Mixe, among others. Learn more about Languages spoken in Mexico.

How much does it cost to learn Spanish in Mexico?

The prices of group classes vary depending on many factors, such as the location, the quality of the school, and the size of the classes. Fees range from 120 USD per week to 400 USD per week for 20 hours per week.

How long does it take to learn Spanish in Mexico?

Studying Spanish in Mexico for one week to one year is possible. It depends on your goals and needs and how fast you want to invest in learning.

Where can I learn Spanish in Mexico?

There are many cities all over Mexico where you can Learn Spanish. Given Mexico’s rich culture and geographical position, it is possible to study Spanish in several colonial cities, such as Oaxaca, San Miguel de Allende, Merida, Guanajuato or Querétaro. If you prefer a beach destination, there are Spanish schools in Puerto Vallarta and Playa del Carmen. In the city of Oaxaca, The Instituto Cultural Oaxaca has offered Spanish Language classes since 1984.

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