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Instituto Cultural Oaxaca

How can you learn Spanish with us?

The Instituto Cultural Oaxaca offers various Spanish language programs for adults and children, including group, private, and online classes.

In all of our programs, students learn vocabulary and grammar appropriate for each level through the four language skills: speaking, writing, listening, and reading. In addition, students can develop an understanding of Oaxacan and Mexican culture through our programs.  

Group Classes are the best option for students who want to learn Spanish in Oaxaca and begin their journey to Spanish Language or develop the Spanish they already have in an interactive environment with people worldwide.

When students arrive at the Instituto, they will take a placement test (written and oral) to determine their Spanish level and the appropriate class placement.  We keep the size of group classes small (minimum of 6 students) so they have the opportunity to participate in the class entirely. 

Students looking for a Spanish language immersion can add to the main Spanish Language program cultural workshops, which regularly run in the afternoons from Monday to Thursday. 

ICO also offers an Intercambio program free of charge to all students. The Intercambio program allows students to participate in a language exchange with a local student or professional. The Intercambio program is also free for Oaxacan students. 

Cultural Workshops

Our Cultural Workshops are Spanish language conversations in action, learning something new while practicing Spanish. The workshops run from Monday until Thursday for 2 hours to experience and develop your understanding of Oaxacan culture. The workshops are taught by local artisans and teachers, who give you a personal insight into Oaxacan culture while you Learn Spanish.

Learning Spanish in Oaxaca is also about learning about the local culture, appreciating the art and food of the region. Cultural programs are designed to complement your Spanish lessons, as well as being a lot of fun. These workshops will give you knowledge and give you skills to apply across all aspects of daily life here in Oaxaca.

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