Private Spanish Classes


Spanish Classes

Private classes are the best option for students with specific needs and interests or learning styles. The teacher will develop an individualized study plan to meet the student’s needs effectively.

Private lessons are an excellent choice for students who want to delve into the Spanish Language and get immerse into the Spanish Language. 

We recommend that students who want to learn Spanish for a specific profession, take group lessons and combine them with private classes.  This way students can get better Spanish Language immersion while still benefiting from our Spanish language programs.

Private Spanish Classes

These classes are a good option for students who want to work on specific grammar, such as tense, prepositions, vocabulary, etc., or practice and improve listening, reading, or writing skills. Through these one-on-one private classes, the students will improve their ability to communicate, with confidence, in Spanish with other people.

Recommended for those who :

  • Have specific requirements for their program of study.
  • Have a particular style of studying
  • Have particular physical characteristics.
  • Have limited time to take group classes.

Medical Spanish classes are for students who want to learn Spanish as a Second Language and work or are looking to have a career in health, medicine, nursing, or social work. Students will learn how to approach a patient and learn medical terms such as the human body, body parts, functions, symptoms of physical discomfort and disease, types and characteristics of disease, medical and surgical equipment. 

 Medical Spanish Classes are best for:

  • Working or studying a healthcare-related career.
  • Students with a basic level of Spanish as a Second Language(Required).
  • Students who are working or involved in the careers of health, medicine, nursing, or social work.

These classes are for students who are learning Spanish as a Second Language and work in economics, management, business, finance, and marketing. Some of the themes include organizations and businesses, employment of workers, functions, hierarchies, working methods, the trade of goods and services, relationships between business owners and the consumer, or between the market and competition.

Business Spanish classes are best for:

  • Students who are involved in the professional fields of administration or marketing.
  • Students with a basic level of Spanish as a Second Language(Required).
  • Are connected to the field of business, finances, or marketing.

These classes are for Heritage Spanish Speakers who want to increase or formalize their linguistic skills in Spanish. In this program, students will perfect their listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills. Specifically, it will be focused on reading comprehension and writing expressions to enrich their vocabulary.

Recommended for those who :

  • Speak Spanish as a Heritage Language.
  • Students who want to refine their use of Spanish.

The Instituto Cultural Oaxaca is an authorized DELE Test center by the Instituto Cervantes  

Private classes to take the DELE test are tailored to the student needs.

For more information about DELE

For students interested in taking only private classes, we ask that they inform us before they arrive at the Instituto to organize their classes. If students are taking group classes in the morning, they can also add private classes in the afternoon. If this is the case, we would be happy to arrange private classes once the student has arrived at the Instituto.

Private classes are subject to availability. 

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